Citizen Request Management Made Easy

Drop a pin on a map for precise location
No software or app needed, anyone can do it
Take photos from your mobile device
Automatically connects with uCondition reports

Our Request Tracking Capabilities

Geolocation Capabilities

Know exactly where work orders are requested with our auto-detecting, built-in geolocation technology. We track exact location by allowing users to either drop a pin on a map or to enter an address. If there are two nearby accounts, don’t worry; the user can select the right place for the request to be sent.

No Software Needed

That’s right: no one needs to download any apps or software. The full functionality of uRequest (including maps, geolocation, camera, and photos) is available on smart phones, tablets, and desktops.

Take Photos on-the-go or Upload Photos Later

Requesters can use their smart phone to take pictures while they are “on-the-scene” and decide to upload them then or at a later time.

Syncs with uCondition

By popular demand, the creators of uCondition, the premier Electronic Room Condition Reporting System, created uRequest to help take work requests from students and apply them to condition forms.

Revolutionizing Citizen Request Tracking

Keeping a pulse on your community is critical for a happy, safe, and welcoming environment. Manage citizen requests with our robust software solution.

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